We are a wholly owned Ghanaian Company registered in 1976, engaged in Engineering/ Technical Service including but not limited to designing/installation/ maintenance/supervision of Elevators, air-conditioning, electrical/mechanical activities (Electro-Mechanical) which are consistent with the above mentioned services and have since been Pre-qualified by the architectural and engineering Services Limited (AESL).

Currently we are agents/Distributors of MP Lifts of Seville, Spain and Statron of Switzerland manufactures and suppliers of Power Electronic Systems (AC Power Stabilizers), here in Ghana and Liberia.

Certificates of registration

  • Certificate Incorporation No. C9708 dated 29th Sept. 1976.
  • Certificate to Commence Business No. C-9708 dated 24th Sept. 1976.
  • Vat Certificate of registration M2 F0005915:
  • Certificate of Classification Ministry of Works and Housing No. 04276 B.
  • Architectural & Engineering Services Limited:
    • Reference: AESL 03/102/008.

Scope of work

We undertake site surveys, system designing for quotes, tenders and order supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of vertical transport system (Elevators and Escalators) and AC Power Stabilizers.

We offer a wide range of comprehensive solutions for health centers and establishment of any nature and size (health centers, outpatient clinics, clinics, hospitals, (Bed/stretcher lifts).

We also offer Residential, Passenger, Panoramic and Hydraulic elevators, Goods hoist, Dumbwaiters and wheelchair platform lifts.

We take care of everything down to the last detail. We adapt to your space.

Our installation capabilities include assembling systems. We also undertake electrical installations of all electronic equipment associated with complete installation, commissioning and testing of elevators/elevators/escalators and AC voltage stabilizers.

We consider on site project management system, commissioning and operator training. We also provide 24-hour services for call-out and scheduled quarterly maintenance throughout the year. Our planned Preventive Maintenance visits are normally carried out monthly/quarterly and comprise a scheduled inspection, adjustments and cleaning of all component parts of the elevators (lifts) as laid down in the documents carried out by our maintenance team. This ensures that the life span of the equipment prolonged, and that the equipment always operating at its optimum level and potential faults are discovered before they lead to a total system failure.

A maintenance agreement with Danoff ensures that, client's equipment receives priority response in the event of equipment breakdown, as well as allowing the client to budget effectively for running cost throughout the year. A monthly routine maintenance takes place, incorporating routine tests, oiling/greasing and full system inspection by all qualified engineers responsible for our systems. On completion of every planned routine maintenance, the (PRM) a detailed report is submitted to clients for endorsement by client's representatives to authenticate execution of the preventive maintenance.

Daniel Offe, a mechanical lift engineer has wide and unique experience and trained with virtually all the world's leading elevator/escalator companies as listed below;
  • Otis Elevators, London and Liverpool, England.
  • Schindler Lifts and Escalators, Berlin Germany, Lucerne-Ebikon Switzerland, Johannesburg South Africa, Vienna Austria.
  • Sabiem now Kone, Bologna, Italy.
  • MP Lifts. Zaragoza/Seville, Spain.

Daniel Offe has a vast experience in administration, Marketing and Project Management; he also has certificate in Modern Management Practice from Alexander Hamilton Institute, USA.

Danoff Engineering.

Technical Faults

It may interest you to know that MPLifts has placed the Entire African Continent of MP Lifts Operations under the full care of its Headquarters in Seville Spain. All faults that are beyond our control are quickly addresses by Mp factory engineers immediately through the (HOT LINE SERVICES)..


The company has dedicated staff of 18 (Eighteen) including Engineers, (Electrical and Mechanical}, Technical and Administrators. See attached Technical Team.

Tools / Equipment

The company has the requisite hand-tools and equipment needed for the execution of its activities, vehicles to facilitate movement of staff, and communication equipment for rapid contact of field staff as well as computers to diagnose equipment faults.

Office Location (Ghana)

The office of Danoff Engineering Company is located at 10th ST, house number 116 Achimota New Town (ANT) Accra, Republic of Ghana.

Office Location (Liberia)

A.B Tolbert road House number 1x200 Paynesville Monrovia Liberia

Address (Liberia)

  • Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 1681 Monrovia.
  • Telephone Numbers: +231- 6- 83523, +231- 6- 512028, +231- 77- 875301

Address (Ghana)

  • Mailing Address: P.O. Box TF 180, Trade Fair, La Accra.
  • Telephone Numbers: +233-203-421079, +233-20-813 5201, +233-24-475 0809
  • Fax: +233-302-421079
  • Email:

Danoff Engineering was operating mainly in Liberia; our Managing Director Mr. Daniel Otte returned to Ghana in 1996 and was awarded the contract for the installation and commissioning of the SSNIT Ridge Complex of three lifts (Triplex) with seventeen stops. After completion of this project he went into partnership with Elesca Engineering Limited in 1998, the local agent for Schindler Lifts as its Operational Manager. He finally resigned in December 2009 to concentrate once more on Danoff Operations.

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The design is not just what it looks like. The design is how it works.

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We think about the entire process and arrive at the best possible solution.

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We are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions, merging our global network and depth of expertise.